The Mission Driven Teen Academy

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What is the Mission Driven Teen?

The Mission Driven Teen Academy is a God-based, multi-denominational, multi-year curriculum for youth ages 11-17 which walks them through the 7 Laws of Life Mission (discussed in depth in The Mission Driven Life book). There are currently 2 levels of the program. Level 1 covers Laws 1 & 2: Love of God and Self. Level 2 is a deep dive into Law 3: Love of Truth. Both levels are a full one-year educational program utilizing readings, video trainings, group discussion and activities, as well as personal applications of true principles. 



  • Dozens of¬†life principles¬†they can apply right now (13 principles lists included)
  • How¬†scripture reinforces¬†true principles
  • How to develop their faith¬†through principle-centered mission-driven living
  • What it means to truly love God and¬†establish their divine center
  • What it means to truly love yourself and¬†strive for greater self-mastery
  • Why and how to¬†develop their character
  • Why and how to better¬†control their thoughts
  • What a mission driven life looks like¬†and how to begin living one
  • The¬†drama triangle‚ÄĒwhy it happens, how it hurts them, how to get out permanently
  • Why and how to¬†tell themselves the truth
  • Study skills¬†that empower them to find and live the principles
  • Why and how to¬†meet their real needs‚ÄĒspiritual, physical, mental, and emotional
  • Why and how to ask themselves¬†empowering questions
  • The¬†role of conscience, forgiveness, blame, and shame in their lives and relationships
  • Loads of incredible¬†self-discovery tools: their temperament, strengths, ‚Äústory‚ÄĚ, intelligences, values, and more
  • How to use what they‚Äôve learned about themselves to make¬†better life and career choices
  • Why and how to write a¬†personal mission statement
  • Much more!

Empower your teen with mission and true principles!


4 Great Ways to Complete the MDT Academy 

Teen and Parent 

This program works great for teens to do at home and perfectly dovetails with The Mission Driven Mom program--enabling you to learn principle-centered living together!

With a Book Club 

With videos and readings that teach key concepts and principles, teen book clubs can choose the content they want to prepare for upcoming discussions.

Homeschool Co-Op

Many co-ops have already adopted this program, utilizing the Mentor's Guide and weekly schedule to keep teens moving through the program and feeling the support of others.

In Your School 

Schools are loving the rich discussion prompts, activities, and "live it" applications in the Mentor's Guide to give their students a life-changing experience!

What's Included:  

50+ Videos

With video trainings, presentations, stories, stats, studies, examples, scriptures, and even youth group discussions, these videos keep teens engaged and learning content in a more concise, interesting way. 

Full year curriculum

The complete 32+ week curriculum enables teens to work through the readings, videos, journaling, and "live it" activities one week at a time. Every level is a full year curriculum. 

Mentor's Guide

Whether you're a parent, mentor, or teacher, working with one or 20+ teens, the robust Mentor's Guide gives you outlines, activities, and discussion ideas for every week of the year!

Inspiring Readings

The focus on character, principles, and living with integrity permeate the readings chosen for this program which include non-fiction, self-help, novels, and biographies. 

Principles Lists

The focus on principle centere living includes principles lists for all 13 sections. Students are encouraged to look for, understand, and apply these principles to their lives.

"Live It" Activities

This program is meant to be LIVED, not just learned, so regular calls to action throughout the program encourage teens to practice the principles.

Journaling Prompts

The process of thinking through what's being learned and writing answers to valuable questions makes these journaling prompts a key element to deepening learning.

Study Skills

With the long-term goal of lifelong learning, the program drips study skills throughout the year, helping youth master the skills of self-education for personal growth. 


Discussion Questions

Thought and discussion questions are included in the course materials to spark ideas and challenge the teens assumptions as they read, think, mark and discuss .

"I want to be an MDT Academy ambassador!"  

~Alli Deeble 

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Empower your teen to live  a principle-centered, mission driven life!