The Mission Driven Mom Academy empowers moms to live confidently, courageously, and intentionally!

This program, built uniquely for women and moms, includes EVERYTHING you need to generate the good fruits of living true principles that you long for - for you, your family, and even your community!


The MDM Academy is for you if you...

struggle with persistent problems you don't know how to solve.

wish you could find the balance between your needs and those of your family.

long to reach your potential without leaving your family behind.

worry about raising children in a declining and confusing culture.

Through the MDM Academy  you'll become more...


Drawing your divine worth from God and His perception of you


In yourself and your choices because they align with tested and proven principles


Learning to utilize your time and energy to love God, yourself, and others more fully


Feeling a strong sense of fulfillment as you work toward pre-determined goals


In discovering and developing your greatest gifts, using them in the service of others


As you teach your family true principles and build a mission driven home

Just like these MDM moms: 


"My kids have their mom back"

6 Friends

"Changed from the inside out"


"I found me"


"I was drawn to the principles"

Become a Mission Driven Mom Today!


WHY MDM Academy works...

It is simple

It's a clear formula of principles lists, videos, reading selections, and journaling which you learn, discuss, and apply!

It follows mission driven people

It focuses on the great men and women in history as they demonstrate principled living and inspire us to follow their example.  

It teaches the 7 Laws 

It gives you the steps and tools to live the 7 Laws of Life Mission that align us with principles and prepare us for mission.

It has everything you need

Principles lists, video trainings, recorded discussions, reading selections, journaling pages, self-discovery tests, and more!

It creates a principled family

Family readings and discussion prompts are included to enable you to easily teach the principles to your family.

It shows you who you are

With self-discovery is a central focus, you will be empowered to develop your gifts and use them to serve. 

How MDM Academy Works:

Once you sign up, you'll gain INSTANT ACCESS to the entire level of the academy that you purchase. Organized in a simple step-by-step format, you'll complete one lesson at a time, at your own pace--through readings, videos, activities, self-assessments, and more! The process is simple but the results from learning and living the principles is transformational! 


Principles Lists

Reading Selections

Journaling Prompts

Self-Discovery Tests

Live It Activities

Family Readings

Study Skills


Become a Mission Driven Mom Today!


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