$59.00 USD


Mothers of Principle Masterclass

This masterclass is for EVERYONE who wants to live a more principle centered life!

The masterclass will walk you through the big picture of the "natural law" as the proper foundation for successful living. You'll learn how first principles give us a WHY, principles teach us WHAT to do, and applications show us HOW to align our lives with truth. 

You will also practice the 5 Types of Questions as the gateway to identifying and applying principles for yourself. With lots of pauses and practical exercises throughout, this class will hugely empower you to experience the freedom principles bring!

What you'll get:

  • 10 Video Trainings
  • Principles LIst
  • PDF Workbook that walks you through the concepts
  • Reading selections for practicing what you learn
  • Worksheets
  • Tools for connecting to scripture, other sources, and your experience to verify truth

Great program to complete with a friend or a group!

What People Are Saying:

Because we took the time to learn about law (which something that never interested me), it has changed the way I see current events. It has inspired me to go back and ask myself what principle is behind it. It brings me a lot of hope for the future.

Cadie Hatch

It's so helpful for when I'm struggling with what's going on out there [in the world], I can think about what the principle is behind the struggle. This gives me a bridge to talk with others from a more solid place.


Coming to the event today has been amazing! All the practice with writing and articulating principles, and then bringing it down to how I can apply them in my own life has made me eager to get home and put them into practice!

Marie Hinckley

Coming to this Mothers of Principle event has given me my first real understanding what it is to learn about principles, and how to apply them in my life. I've wondered how to share principles with others and this [class] answered that question for me. I'm really excited to live what I've learned.