$99.00 USD

The Principle Centered Learning Skills Course is a perfect compliment to this course, teaching you additional skills for finding the principles and applying them. 


Principles of Liberty Course

This course is a series of videos and readings that introduce the student to the fundamental principles which create liberty in societies, with an emphasis on governmental and economic principles that flow from the natural law.

Included in the course are multiple outlines for several different uses. 

What you'll get:

  • 7 Video Trainings
  • Several genres of readings from multiple times and cultures
  • Self-study course outline
  • 32 week course outline with activities and writings for students
  • 32 week teachers manual to guide students through an entire school year
  • Book club 8 session outline
  • Robust appendix with many readings provided

Perfect of homeschooling groups!

What People Are Saying:

This is a "feel good" course that makes you so proud to be an American.  No memorizing facts and spitting them out for tests which is how I learned from grade school through college.  This course is about learning in a different way. You have the gift of teaching your students to dig deeper, analyze, explore, compare and question. If you like history at all, you will love this course and will gain such respect for our founders who helped shape this wonderful country.  

Carrie Anne Roberts

First let me say that I love the information en total!  This is what I've been hungry for, for a long time! And your presentations are AMAZING!

Gail Rugg

The information covered in your course is something that should have been taught years ago. I remember my grandmother back in 1959 or 1960 telling me the schools are not teaching what they should. The problem is I really never understood what she meant. Later on when I realized what she meant I did not know where to get the information. I  finally found it in the “Principles of Liberty Course”. I cannot praise this course enough for this education. May God Bless you and your organization.

Gerald Kirkpatrick